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As a singer and songwriter Blaty was in contact with very different musical styles throughout his life. Growing up in Argentina, as the first son of Italian and Syrian immigrants, he had the chance of travelling to a variety of countries on the American and European continent. The strongest influences, as far as music is concerned, came doubtlessly from the Argentinian and Latin folklore in general. But one can easily identify that other styles like the Spanish Rumba Flamenca, French chansons or popular music also had an effect on Blaty's musical creation and performance. After having studied electroacoustic composition in Rosario and Buenos Aires, he worked for theatre, movies and commercials and toured several times through Europe in 2007, 2008 and 2010, which was rewarded in 2008 and 2011 with a honoring by the Unesco "due to the dialogue among cultures".

Additionally, in 2004, Jonatan Blaty began training as a Tango dancer with Fabián Peralta and Francisco Forquera. In collaboration with the latter, he conducted workshops to improve the musicality in dancers. Later on, Jonatan brought these workshops to Bern, Zurich, Graz und Preveza. At the moment he is working as a dance teacher at the Volkshochschule in Bern.

Since 2011, Jonatan Blaty resides in Bern with his family, where he is involved in Tango (Flamante, Aureliano Marin & Sa Fangorkestra), as well as other musical projects with mostly local artists, in the area of popular and rock music (Lo & Leduc, Sina, Adrian Stern, Los Vacíos de Charly, IVO, Simon Ho). In addition to his inspiring and refreshing artistic work, he is employed as a guitar teacher at the Musikschule Oberemmental in Langnau.

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