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Some Band History

The "Tangueálo" trio was founded in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires at the beginning of 2010 by the singer and bandoneon player Jonatan Blaty. Together with the guitarist Tomás Braun and the bass player Emiliano Lorenzo the basic idea was to perform a mix of traditional tangos and their own compositions, providing music people could either dance or just listen to. In their own songs they combine original creole sounds with music from all around the world creating an innovative and versatile style. With this repertoire they have played at the most famous Milonga-venues in Buenos Aires like "La Glorieta", "Confiteria la Ideal", "Ladran Sancho", "Milonga Lulú" and many more. Moreover, they realized a successful tour through Europe at the end of 2010 after which Jonatan Blaty decided to stay in Bern, Switzerland. Due to this geographic separation the band in its original formation split up in early 2011. Later that year Blaty gets to know Narciso Saúl, the Argentinian guitarist and composer with whom he soon establishes a great friendship. Together they take up the original concept of Tanguealo again and enrich the sound with Argentinian folklore, especially with Chacareras and Zambas. Since that new start Blaty and Saúl are performing regularly all over Europe as a duo or as a trio, featuring different bass players, where they enchant their audience with an intimate but at the same time energetic and entertaining live show with lots of very good music